Faith Formation and Christian Education

JOMO - The Joy of Missing Out - Attention youth (and the adults who love them.)

Sarah Buteux


Maybe you've heard of FOMO: the Fear of Missing Out? It's the fear that somewhere someone is watching, reading, tweeting, or experiencing something better than what you are experiencing right now. It's the low level of anxiety so many of us feel that keeps us tethered to our devices, constantly texting and scrolling to see what we might be missing.

Simply Smiles

Deborah Gline Allen


How do we reach out to teens we know would benefit from what we have to offer when church is just one more in a smorgasbord of choices they have?

This Is How We Grow Christians

Deborah Gline Allen


Children are constantly taking in what is going on around them, even when they don’t appear to be paying attention.

How to Develop Habits for Well-Being

The Parish Paper


Seminaries and social work programs often ask their students to create a self-care plan. Not only does this send a message about self-care while pursuing a degree, ordination, or certification, it also makes clear that self-care is a life-long commitment for those who serve the church and others.

It’s All About Relationships…and Networking…and Resources

Deborah Gline Allen


Christian Education Youth Ministry Communities of Practice provide opportunities to gather monthly to share resources, ideas, and support.

It Is Time For a Faith Formation Summit

Deborah Gline Allen


The shifts and changes our secular culture is experiencing are having a dramatic effect on faith formation ministries.

Comfort and Children

Rachel Bickford


When it comes to emergency or disaster situations, once we know our families and pets are safe we are left to think about what we need to bring with us to either a friend’s home, shelter or hotel.    We know the essentials but what about our little ones? The first thing I thought of was bringing the obvious – my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket, and favorite book.  But wading through an evacuation or storm may take longer than expected.  So here are some of the things I pack in a ...

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Estelle Margarones


September is national Preparedness Month and your Disaster Resource and Response Team invites you to consider the implications of emergencies and disasters on children, youth, and young adults.  Rev. Rachel Bickford offers a practical resource for little ones during and following a time of evacuation here.  Children, youth, and young adults all process traumatic events differently.    If you could drink from the fountain of youth, but you had to begin again at age 13, would you do it?  Teenage ...

Faith Formation For All Classes Begin October 6th

Deborah Gline Allen


Everyone of any age can expand their experiences in the Christian faith!

Spiritual Development - Children Are "Smarter" Than We Think

Deborah Gline Allen


Children are capable of understanding way more about God than we tend to give them credit for.

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