General Synod

Environmental Resolutions to be Considered at General Synod 32

Barbara Darling


The Environmental Ministries Team of the MACUCC is excited that there are environmental resolutions coming before General Synod 32.  We unanimously endorse these two resolutions: Let Justice Roll Down – Declaring Support for the Green New Deal and Affirming the Intersectionality of Climate Justice with All Justice Issues.  By declaring its support, Synod will proclaim the intersectionality of climate justice with all justice issues and offer a path of action and hope by which humanity can ...

#UCCGS: W.P.W. Three Great Loves & A Just World for All

John White


W.P.W. is my sermon title for my first Sunday back in the pulpit following General Synod 2017, the biennial meeting of the entire United Church of Christ (UCC). Can you guess what it means? Take a minute. Give up?

United Church of Christ Declares a New Moral Era

James Antal


It was a big claim: “Imperatives for a New Moral Era.”    It was a big ask: to “resist all expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and demand new sources of renewable energy that are accessible to all communities” and to write a new story for America – “a story that is not dependent on fossil fuel or on wealth for the few and misery for the many.”   It demands that the church itself “bear witness.”  Unlike so many resolutions passed at Church gatherings, instead of criticizing the injustice of ...

#UCCGS: Synod as Discipleship

Amelia Nugent


Over the course of the past week I have fallen in love with the United Church of Christ all over again. Watching the church, in all our multiple, beautiful, sometimes contentious contexts, worship, sing, pray and work together to discern our outward priorities for the next two years reminded me why this church is my home. Our commitment to be united in Christ binds us to one another, even when we don’t agree. I do not like all of the decisions we came to this week, and I know I am not the only ...

#UCCGS: We Try SO Hard. We Still Make Mistakes

Tiffany Vail


I don't often write blog posts about my personal experiences. In the 20 years I've been doing Conference communication work, I've put most of my energy into telling the stories of others, or empowering them to tell their own stories. But I am on the train returning from my first United Church of Christ General Synod, and I feel the need to share my own perspective. What struck me the most at Synod was how hard everyone tries to live out what it means to be a multicultural, ...

#UCCGS: Contemplation and Action in the United Church of Christ

Matthew Carriker


I grew up in the United Church of Christ (UCC), and was confirmed as a UCC youth in the First Congregational Church of Natick, MA. One might find it surprising then that in my younger years, I didn’t know what the UCC was.  I just knew that my home church was a “Congregational” Church.  I guess I didn’t pay close enough attention in confirmation class.   It wasn’t until seminary that I became familiar with the history, theology, and polity of the UCC.  And I was proud!  I was proud of the social...

#UCCGS: The Colors of Synod

Marisa Brown-Ludwig


As I arrived here at the Baltimore Convention Center on June 30th, I realized I’d started breathing more deeply. I was more relaxed. I felt like myself in a deeper way. It took me a full day to realize what it was – I had landed in a wonderfully diverse city, at a church gathering with people from many cultures and languages. Since moving up to Western Massachusetts, I have missed living and working amidst an urban mix of peoples, and so I felt relief at being back in a major city where more of ...

#UCCGS: What good does a resolution do, or, so what?

Mark Longhurst


Here’s my confession: the impressive lineup of Synod speakers inspired me much more than the resolutions. Yet most of the duties of a General Synod delegate include deliberating and voting on resolutions. Some this year’s fifteen resolutions are governance related, but most are issues-based. And the issues represented truly span the gamut, from supporting adult survivors of child abuse to ending the US embargo on Cuba.   As a first-year delegate to Synod, I have the opportunity to ask some basic...

#UCCGS: My Heart Just Broke Open


Every once in a while, there are precious moments, extraordinary and oh, so holy, when God breaks in to our hearts so fully that we can hold nothing else at all.

#UCCGS: A Contemplative Progressive Navigates General Synod 2017

Mark Longhurst


Thank God that the United Church of Christ is a progressive church with ears tuned, hearts aligned, and feet marching in today’s social justice movements. It’s the reason I fell in love with the UCC and am blessed to call it an ecclesial home; at the same time, I nourish my soul’s spiritual home in contemplative and mystical streams of spirituality. Which begs the question: what is a contemplative to do at General Synod?   First the inspiring: Friday night the Rev. Traci Blackmon, the freshly ...

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