General Synod

#UCCGS: My Heart Just Broke Open


Every once in a while, there are precious moments, extraordinary and oh, so holy, when God breaks in to our hearts so fully that we can hold nothing else at all.

#UCCGS: A Contemplative Progressive Navigates General Synod 2017

Mark Longhurst


Thank God that the United Church of Christ is a progressive church with ears tuned, hearts aligned, and feet marching in today’s social justice movements. It’s the reason I fell in love with the UCC and am blessed to call it an ecclesial home; at the same time, I nourish my soul’s spiritual home in contemplative and mystical streams of spirituality. Which begs the question: what is a contemplative to do at General Synod?   First the inspiring: Friday night the Rev. Traci Blackmon, the freshly ...

Are We Over the Rainbow Yet?

Kathie Carpenter


The U.S. Supreme Court decision affirming marriage equality came down on June 26, 2015.  It was approaching twelve years since the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling of ‘03, providing the first-ever marriage equality state by 2004.  At the 25th Synod in Atlanta in 2005, the UCC adopted the marriage equality resolution, the first of any Protestant denomination in the U.S.    A little after 10 AM Eastern time, there was a low bustle in the Cleveland Convention Center hallway.  People were slowly ...

Ballot Malfunction and Discernment

Wendy Vander Hart


For me, the use of electronic clickers has always been problematic and this request to target certain votes for private contemplation even more so.

A Powerful Moment

Barbara Darling


One of the many reasons I love the UCC is our consistent prophetic witness, our "bold public voice" as our church calls it. The resolution my committee was discussing yesterday was the one to urge Washington DC's NFL football team to change its racist, demeaning name.

Day Three and Four

Tracy Keene


General Synod 30 is exhausting both physically and mentally. But my heart and soul have been filled! The last two days have started with breakfast with other conference members at 6:30 AM; Committee Meetings; Plenary Sessions; Meet the Candidate Forum; Synod Hearings; and Worships Services.

Grace in all places

Tina Walker-Morin


Some have told me that they love Synod because it is the United Church of Christ at it’s best and I must say even at our best we are still flawed human beings.

Sunday to Monday at Synod

Marisa Brown-Ludwig


Sunday we had community worship led by Rev. Dwayne Royster of Living Water UCC of Philadelphia, who blended an ONA, Still Speaking God, UCC presence with fiery Baptist-style preaching to call us up and out into the world. I struggled with his style at times, especially when I heard him calling out his fellow UCC pastors to make our gospel message real in the world. But I could also hear around me the cheering and calling out of so many people of color that it was clear he was setting their ...

Worship Across the Weekend at Synod

Marisa Brown-Ludwig


Worship here at Synod has truly lit a flame and fanned it in me!

Dancing with the Stars

Barbara Darling


So far, there have been so many high points and I can't wait to see what happens today, and to join in the huge community-wide worship this afternoon!

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