General Synod

Orange is the New Black in Cleveland

Tina Walker-Morin


My two worlds are colliding, ministry and pop culture. I am continually amazed at God’s work. This month was the release of the third season of Orange is the New Black, a television series on Netflix, and today I head to Cleveland, Ohio, for the United Church of Christ General Synod 30.

Continuing To Make Each Other Better - Synod 2015 Resolution 16

James Antal


July 2, 2015, Update: General Synod Passes Resolution Calling For Socially Responsible Investment Practices (A news story on the updated version of this amendment) Thanks be to God that many of the resolutions that will come before the 2015 General Synod are getting more and more attention as Synod approaches!  I would urge all UCC members (not only Synod delegates) to take time to read Resolution 16, Urging Socially Responsible Investment Practices.    This resolution – submitted by United ...

A Stumbling Block for Justice: Synod Resolution 16

Patrick Cage


Patrick Cage is the climate justice intern for the Massachusetts Conference, UCC. For a related blog post by Conference Minister Jim Antal click here. In the United Church of Christ, we believe that God is Still Speaking, but a resolution proposed for General Synod will silence our collective ability to echo God’s cry for justice. Resolution 16, proposed for the 2015 General Synod, would prevent Synod from calling for the United Church of Christ to divest at the National level and in other ...

Reflections on Synod

Lynne Devnew


Report and reflections on Lynne's experiences as a Synod delegate.

A 21st Century Challenge

Ian Lynch


A call to truly utilize technology to connect and to reduce our carbon footprint.

"If it seems to tarry, wait for it."

ivy tillman


A waterfall moment...

Synod Reflections

Donald Remick


 Don Remick shares his reflections on the actions, sights and sounds of General Synod.

They'll Know We Are Christians

Ian Lynch


And you know how, right? our love. We have seen love in abundance around and among us at General Synod.

Video of Jim Antal on Divestment

Ian Lynch


Jim speaks from Long Beach about yesterday's historic resolution on divestment from fossil fuels.

@%#* Dogs!.g

Ian Lynch


Will resolutions regarding our relationship to Creation reflect the way we treat Whippets or Black Oystercatchers?

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