Justice and Witness

Day of Prayer for Lucio Perez

Vicki Kemper


Dear friends and colleagues in faith, Sacred scriptures are filled with stories of justice, liberation, and restoration. The exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land. Pharaoh’s defeat. The return to Jerusalem from exile, and to home and family from profligate living and rejection. We share stories of leaders who were imprisoned for their faith and how, after the fervent prayers of their communities, the dungeons shook, their chains fell off, and they were free to go. Hallelujah!   Lucio Perez, a ...

An Ecumenical Partnership

Marisa Brown-Ludwig


Recently Rev. Marisa Brown Ludwig, pastor of First Church of Christ in Longmeadow, MA and long-time member of the Interfaith and Ecumenical Task Team of the MA Conference, had the pleasure of attending the installation of Fr. Derrick Fetz as Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Buffalo, NY.  Here is Marisa’s reflection of her work with Fr. Fetz. There is a rich history of ecumenical collaboration between First Church of Christ in Longmeadow and St. Andrews Episcopal Church, not only together as two ...

How are the Children?

Liza Neal


In the words of Rev. Traci Blackmon, the children at the border "are not well." And we are their keepers.

Many Voices, One Mission: Ever Flowing Streams

Karen Methot


"I find myself looking forward to working with people from our future tri-conference as we get to know each other and begin reaching out with resources shared, offers of help, and collaboration around justice issues that matter to us all." —Karen Methot

Ever Flowing Streams - Together as One!

Kelly Gallagher


A message from Kelly Gallagher, ACM for Justice and Witness, Massachusetts Conference Greetings Ever Flowing Streams readers! It is with great joy that I announce to you that the Massachusetts Ever Flowing Streams newsletter will now be shared with our Together As One colleagues, becoming a justice and witness newsletter for the new tri-conference. From this issue onward, we will seek to let everyone know about the amazing justice work happening in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as...

Many Voices, One Mission: Love Knows No Borders

Kelly Gallagher


"As we look to acknowledge that the borders we have created may not be serving God’s call for us as church, it opens our hearts to consider other borders and boundaries that may be standing in the way of God’s light breaking forth." — Rev. Kelly Gallagher

Take a Stand Against Anti-Semitism

Andrea Ayvazian


Dear Friends and Fellow Clergy, I am writing to you in the wake of the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre because I am heartbroken once again. The blatant targeting of Jewish people in their sacred house of worship on their blessed day of Sabbath, while in the act of praying to God, has brought me to my knees. I am horror struck, and while not much can shock me these days, I nevertheless am stunned.  I have been grappling with the question of what can I do, and not only what can I do, but what ...

Many Voices One Mission: Advocate Together

Michele Mudrick


"Would you be willing to work with CTUCC in our efforts to promote environmental, racial and economic justice in our state?" — Michele Mudrick

A Place to Call Home

Karen Methot


Community – that basic human impulse to be part of a group, particularly one that understands your struggles and offers support and friendship.

Many Voices One Mission: We Do Jesus Differently

Wendy Vander Hart


"As the United Church of Christ...we do Jesus differently." —Rev. Wendy Vander Hart

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