United Church Mission

UCC Disaster Response Depends on Wider Mission Giving

Donald Remick


Friends, A half dozen years ago New England had two back-to-back storms each of which dumped a foot of rain into our area. We became familiar with the work of helping families recover from flooded basements, homes, streets and lives. It was a long road as we partnered with other denominations and non-profits to clean out mud, reverse the growth of mold and return homes to livable condition.  As we watch the news of the floods in Louisiana, even with our memory of the impact here, it is hard to...

Is Your Church a United Church Mission (UCM) Church?

Jonathan New


We’re happy to have welcomed 50 churches this year into United Church Mission (UCM) – the Conference’s new wider church funding system that we’re hoping will, in time, replace Fellowship Dues and OCWM Basic Support.  However, in this time of transition, there’s still some confusion about how a church becomes a UCM church. United Church Mission is entirely optional.    UCM has not been adopted by the Conference on behalf of all its churches and, therefore, will not be applied to churches ...

Board to Recommend United Church Mission Plan

Dawn Durning Hammond


Delegates of the 215th Annual Meeting will be asked to vote on the proposed United Church Mission. Learn more here.

United Church Mission proposal updated

Dawn Durning Hammond


The Finance Committee of the Board of Directors continues to receive feedback and questions about the proposed United Church Mission plan.  The proposal is likely to continue to evolve based on these conversations.  In order to minimize confusion,  Andy Gustafson and I have decided to blog periodically on the subject, as a way of keeping readers informed of the latest thinking of the Board and staff.