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With the understanding that:

“The area of church life that has by far the most influence on faith maturity and growth in faith is Christian Education[1] the calling and compensating of Christian Educators is of great importance and essential to church vitality and church growth. 
Following the General Synod XIII Pronouncement,
"Therefore be it resolved that the 13th General Synod calls upon the local churches to give equal consideration to the compensation of the teaching and preaching ministers in order to recognize the comparable value of both functions...Christian Education: The Teaching Ministry of the church is a central part of its life, as necessary, vital and important as all other ministries............"
the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ has developed guidelines for that purpose and to assist and give guidance through the process. 
Pronouncements and resolutions are helpful, but new life comes when they are enacted in the local church. How can we strengthen education in our local churches so that it is a vital and contributing ministry? For some churches it is time to consider employing an educator. For other churches who cannot afford an educator, it’s time to consider obtaining professional assistance in other ways to raise the level of the educational program.



Association of United Church Educators

New England AUCE-Local representative is Sally Tomasetti 

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Christian Education Communities of Practice
MACUCC Staff Ellie Richardson, Associate Conference Minister for Clergy and Lay Development. 
MACUCC Staff Cindy Bolton, Administrative Assistant, Lay Development Council, Confirmation Registrar and CORI Administrator; Christian Education and Youth Ministry Program Registrar
UCC Headquarters

700 Prospect  Ave., Cleveland, OH 544115 

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[1] Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, The Teaching Church