Office Administrator - Brighton-Allston Congregational Church UCC (Boston, MA)


We seek an Office Administrator to manage day to day business affairs of a small but active urban congregation in Brighton Center.  Time requirement is approximately 24 hours a week to be served on site preferably Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Christian commitment and prior church administrative experience preferred but not required.  Responsibilities include oversight of church receipts including donations and property rentals, preparing bill payments (no check signing privilege), weekly worship bulletins and printed materials, receiving and answering business mail, collaboration with Building Manager, staffing the church's main phone line, interfacing with an active food ministry (including weekly Community Supper and food basket distribution), writing grant proposals for this ministry, assembling Annual Reports submitted by church officers, and representing the church in all business affairs.  Preferred start in May 2018 including two weeks of paid overlap with and supervision by current Administrator to ensure smooth transition.

Contact: Lois Corman

Address: 404 Washington Street Brighton MA 02135

Phone: 617.254.7841