Director of FCC Kids Program - Falmouth, MA


The First Congregational Church of Falmouth, MA, is a vibrant and diverse community of faith and action within the United Church of Christ.  We are seeking an energetic, creative, organized individual to fill the position of Director of FCC Kids Program. This position is part-time, year round with room for growth. 

Position:  Director of FCC Kids Program (First Congregational Church of Falmouth, MA)

Purpose:  To assist in the development/growth of the Sunday morning FCC Kids program and other children’s programs, and in the direction of the church’s ministry to youth

Responsible to:  The Board of Christian Education

Principle Duties:

1.   Supervise the Sunday morning FCC Kids program
         Direct activities of the FCC Kids program on Sunday mornings
         Prepare curriculum for Nursery/preK, gr. 1-6 Rotation program, Jr. High Group & High School Group
         Recruit and support leaders & volunteers
         Order Bibles, books, materials and supplies and maintain supply closets
2.  Communicate pertinent information with families and the community on a regular basis
          Prepare and maintain an email database and address roster for all FCC Kids families
          Update the FCC Kids brochure and other printed materials as needed
          Submit notices to the Bulletin each week and the Messenger as needed

3.  Work closely with the Board of Christian Education
        Set teaching goals and select curriculum
        Establish the FCC Kids calendar for each program year
        Assist with additional service/outreach projects and family events
4.  Participate in church life
         Attend staff meetings, committee meetings, and other meetings as appropriate
         Prepare a statement for the Annual Report
5.  Safety
          Know the church’s Safe Church Policy and fully abide by its dictates
          Distribute and verify CORI forms for volunteers in all children’s/youth programs

6.  Family Christmas Eve Service
         Assist the Minister in planning and directing this service and pageant
         Assist with other special services & events

7.  Summer of Service Camp
         Plan and direct activities for camp (currently a one week camp)
         Recruit camp counselors and parent volunteers

8.  Wednesday Morning Playtime  group
          Prepare room
          Facilitate the group

Salary range: $15,000-$18,000  commensurate with experience

Vacation: Falmouth Public Schools vacation weeks of Thanksgiving (Wed-Fri), Christmas, February, April, Summer at conclusion of Summer of Service Camp


Contact: Kari Pons

Address: 68 Main St. Falmouth MA 02540