Director of Hospitality Ministry, common cathedral - Boston, MA


The mission of common cathedral is to build community and provide spiritual care to unhoused people in Boston, and bridge the gap between housed and unhoused people. We welcome people to come and be fed, and to participate in the work of feeding each other in body and in spirit.
Our Director of Hospitality Ministry will be responsible for leading our community to create a place that feeds both bodies and spirit.  They will be responsible for securing donated food, supporting our community to be leaders and managing volunteer efforts for our programs, and will work with other staff to support the needs of our community.
Responsibilities include

  • Invite and empower a team of community members and ministry partners to join in the work of preparing food and drink, organizing supplies, hosting meals, and cleaning up, regularly gather their feedback, and listen for their needs.
    • Confirm in advance that volunteers (housed and unhoused) are coming on the days they signed up for
    • Make sure they know what their specific tasks are each day that will support the proper running of the kitchen and management of the floor (including the replenishment of coffee, snacks, creamer, napkins etc.
    • Support community with encouragement and mentoring
  • Coordinate with food rescue organizations and food donors to provide community with ready-to-eat and easily reheated foods such as sandwiches, salads, pastries, and fruit and support the community to make simple healthy foods.
  • Make sure that all food is properly stored
  • Help ensure the welcome and support of our community
    • Greet community as they arrive, making people feel welcome, nurturing the positive spirit of the community
    • Engage with our community at every level, from casual to deep listening, offering a spirit of compassion and respect
    • Connect our community with local resources such as clothing donations, detox programs, job training, and community meals
    • Help reduce harm by keeping an eye on the floor, defusing conflicts, intervening when necessary to keep drugs and alcohol out of the space, working cooperatively with staff and volunteers to manage tensions and, if necessary, ask community to leave for the day
  • Coordinate as a team with other staff and volunteers to manage program logistics, including keeping the spaces clean and orderly
  • At the end of each day, coordinate with staff, checking in with them about people and situations
  • Work in partnership with the Emmanuel Church staff on space related issues
  • Complete training provided by the Boston Health Department and ensure our compliance with its guidelines
The following experiences or skills are not requirements but are important to us in a candidate:
  • Life and/or work experience in racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse, urban contexts.
  • Skill in speaking Spanish.
  • A desire to fully include and to learn from people of all races, ethnicities, faiths, genders and sexualities.
This position is at will.  Hours are Monday 8:00-1:30, Tuesday 9-12, Wednesday 8:00 - 3 and Friday 8:00-1:30
The successful candidate will be able to fulfill the above scope of work and will report to the Executive Director of common cathedral.
Questions may be emailed to Amanda Grant-Rose, Executive Director, at

Contact: Amanda Grant-Rose

Address: 15 Newbury St. Boston MA 02116



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