Facilities Manager - Brookline


JOB TYPE: Full-Time, Permanent Position
WORK HOURS:  40 hours/week
SUPERVISOR:  Senior Pastor
SUPERVISES:  Sexton staff, and contracted vendors; Building Monitors jointly with Office and Communications Administrator
The Facilities Manager is responsible for overseeing the safety, security, maintenance, repair and care of the church building, parsonage, and their external grounds.  The Facilities Manager works collaboratively with staff to manage our active year-round schedule of facility rentals, and will be responsible for the negotiation and preparation of contracts and coordination of set-ups for events.  The Facilities Manager serves as an active member of the United Parish staff working to make the congregation and the church building a safe and comfortable place for all to worship and gather.
1.   Reports to the Senior Pastor and serves as an active and collaborative member of the church leadership team.
2.   Confers regularly with church staff, volunteers, and congregation members.
3.   Serves as staff liaison to our Buildings and Grounds Ministry Team.
4.   Hires and supervises Sexton staff; hires and supervises Building Monitors jointly with Office Administrator.
The Facilities Manager’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
1.   Ensuring the safety and security of the building.
2.   Overseeing and managing the daily and weekly cleaning and maintenance schedule of the building.
3.   Managing the annual maintenance and facilities budget and providing maintenance reports to staff and Church Council.
4.   Managing building and maintenance inventory; searching for vendors for competitive pricing on furnishings and supplies that the church uses on a regular basis; ordering supplies.
5.   Ensuring maintenance of the grounds around the buildings – lawn mowing, trimming bushes, leaf cleanup, and snow removal, whether by contractor or Sexton staff.
6.   Managing the church’s active program of facility rentals and event hosting which includes:
·  Providing the day-to-day servicing and contract needs of tenants.
·  Responding promptly to new inquiries about facility availability and rental rates by outside users.
·  Documenting precisely the needs of potential renters and determining whether we can accommodate the request.
·  Meeting with Communications/Office Administrator to clarify date and room availability to avoid conflict with internal and external users.
·  Negotiating and preparing facility usage agreements and documentations in compliance with church policies and procedures with a wide range of outside users in coordination with the Business and Accounting Administrator and the Communications and Office Administrator.
·  Coordinating with the Business and Accounting Administrator, Sexton staff, and Communications and Office Administrator to ensure the necessary arrangements contained in usage agreement are in place:  set-up, security coverage, and clean-up.
7.   Ensuring the maintenance and repair of the parsonage.
8.   Serving as an “on call” or “substitute Sexton” on designated or needed days, which includes answering work related phone calls, troubleshooting any problems that arise, and/or being in the building to handle emergency situations.
9.   Attending meetings and serving as the staff liaison for the Buildings and Grounds Ministry Team.
10.       Hiring and supervising and assigning duties to any Sexton staff, Building Monitor, or hired cleaning services on their scheduled days and nights and conducting regular performance reviews of supervised staff.
11.  Coordinating and administering electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and painting work in the building.
12.  Securing contractor and consultant work for regular maintenance and preparing service agreements as needed.  Ensuring that contractors perform work in an efficient and satisfactory manner.
13.  Searching for vendors for competitive pricing on furnishings and supplies that the church uses on a regular basis.
14.  Working with the Office Administrator and staff to devise a heating schedule.   Attend to the current heating protocol and weekly maintenance schedule.
15.  Working with the state and town to ensure that the building, and building systems are to code and current on any inspection that may be necessary.
16.  Assisting emergency officials in navigating the building, taking all necessary safety precautions.
17.  On-going oversight, organization, and maintenance of tools, tool closet, storage rooms, and storage shed.
18.  Other responsibilities as agreed upon with the Senior Pastor.
Knowledge of:
·      Safety maintenance of the building.
·      Cleaning, maintenance, and repairs of the building.
·      Building security.
·      Heating systems.
·      Managing budgets.
·      Building codes.
Skilled in:
·      Managing electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and painting work in the building.
·      Coordinating overall maintenance of buildings and managing the work efficiently.
·      Maintaining external grounds – mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, leaf cleanup, and snow removal.
·      Managing building/room set-ups.
·      Managing the daily and weekly cleaning and maintenance schedule
·      Working collaboratively with other staff, clients, and contractors.
·      Creating and managing a maintenance budget
·      Managing inventory procurement
·      Coordinating and negotiating facility rental agreements.
·     Using computers and software - especially Microsoft Office programs, Word, Excel and Google docs.
·      Establishing good customer relations.
Ability to:
·      Manage multiple tasks in a variety of church settings and circumstances with good organization, composure, and flexibility.
·      Maintain the safety and security of the building.
·      Manage the daily and weekly cleaning of the building.
·      Supervise building/sexton staff.
·      Negotiate and prepare standardized rental agreements.
·      Work collaboratively with all staff and congregation members.
·      Secure and manage contractors.
·      Work effectively with external tenants and town and state employees.
·      Troubleshoot building problems that arise.
·      Manage the maintenance budget.
·      Manage building supply inventory and ordering.
·      Respond appropriately to emergency situations.
Work is performed on the interior and exterior of the church building and the parsonage.  Regular use of power tools and other equipment.  Occasional climbing of ladders.  Lifting, moving, pushing or pulling of tables, chairs, equipment, and other items and boxes weighing over 50lbs., and use of mechanical equipment to move heavier items.
1.     At least 3-5 years of experience in facility management or a closely related field, or equivalent education and training.
2.     Experience in managing maintenance budgets and contracts.
3.     Experience in working collaboratively with others.
4.     Staff supervisory experience.

Please submit resume, cover letter and 3 references to jobs@upbrookline.org. 

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