WAMS Intern for Summer CUBS Programs, Worcester


SUMMER CUBS 2019 – UCC College Internship


Summer CUBS is a collaboration between the Worcester Area Mission Society, Clark University and the Worcester Public Schools (WPS). Summer CUBS brings together current and future educators, student mentors from two Worcester high schools (University Park Campus School and Claremont Academy) and adult and student mentors from neighboring communities to offer interactive and individualized summer STEAM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, with Arts integration) to elementary students (grades 1-3 and some siblings of students up to grade 6) at Worcester’s Woodland Academy.
Please see the attached documents for a complete description of the program.

College students who are affiliated with a UCC congregation, majoring in education or a related human service field focused on work with children, and interested in gaining work experience in a low-income urban elementary school setting are invited to apply for this internship.

As of February 2019, it is anticipated that the program may begin during the week of June 17 and conclude on July 12. Please note that these dates may be adjusted based on additional snow days and a resulting shift of the last day of school. It is possible that the program may not begin until June 24, and may go into the week of July 15th.

This is a full day program, beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 2:00. The internship carries a stipend of $1200. It will begin one week before the program start and conclude on the last day of the program.

Responsibilities include:
1. Work with program coordinator to prep for the program start (approximately 5 hours during the week before
    the programs starts).
2. Assist program coordinator with volunteer orientation (4 hours) scheduled for Saturday, June 15 (this will
    take place at WAMS – 6 Institute Rd. Worcester – and will be filmed and edited for those who cannot 
3. Take responsibility for leading play/sports ‘skill area’ 4 times during each day (40 minute increments each)
    to students grouped by age (going into Kindergarten to going into 3rd grade). There will be 10-15 students
    in each group.
4. Coordinate with Program Director to determine activities for play/sports skill area – The program director
    will work closely with the selected intern to assure age appropriate activities that utilize a variety of
    equipment, from parachutes to bean bags that the program owns.
5. Initiate and oversee constructive involvement in this play/sports skill area by the various volunteers
    supporting the program in order to make the experience the best it can be for all involved.

This internship offers the opportunity to interact with, observe and learn from all of the professional educators and masters students involved with the program. The intern is encouraged to sit in on all of the other skill areas at least once, including Science, Literacy, Art Exploration, Math Games, Mindfulness and Inquiry.

Constructive feedback as regards delivery of the play/sports activities will be offered to the intern on a daily basis by the Program Director and WAMS staff involved with the program. Suggestions from the intern for how to make this internship the most beneficial will also be welcome.

To apply for this internship please send an email to mary@wamsworks.org that includes an attached letter 1) indicating why you are interested in this internship; and 2) describing your experiences during high school and so far in college that qualify you to be selected for this internship. Applications will be accepted until midnight on Sunday, May 19 with phone, skype and/or in person interviews taking place with qualified candidates during the week of May 20th.

Contact: Mary Robbins

Address: 6 Institute Road Worcester MA 01609

Phone: 508-755-2329

Email: mary@wamsworks.org

Website: https://wamsworks.org/

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