Personal Actions

As disciples of Christ, we are called to address climate change simply because it is the greatest moral challenge humanity has ever faced.  Earth has sustained life for over 2 billion years, but in only the last 200 years our use of fossil fuels has jeopardized life as we know it.  Ours is the first generation to foresee, and the final generation with an opportunity to forestall the most devastating effects of climate change.

Spread the news

  • Learn about climate change and its consequences so you can advocate for the changes we must all make.
  • Take time to talk with those you love about how you might witness to a more sustainable planet every day.
  • Approach your friends, pastor, and others in your congregation with some of these action opportunities.
  • Read how one group of congregants took action after hearing about climate change at church.
  • March, picket, sit-in, or use civil disobedience to increase awareness and inspire change.
  • Contact your legislators to let them know you want renewable energy.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Divest from fossil fuels

  • Personal divestment resources

Actions for Pastors

Our leadership matters.  Pastoral leadership was essential for the civil rights movement, the abolitionist movement, the LGBTQ movement, the movement to end Apartheid, and every other social change movement in history.  Pastors in the Mass. Conference have heard Jim Antal say:  “Within 2-3 years, every 3rd or 4th sermon needs to connect with environment or climate…. because if we don’t focus our life-together in this way, then in perhaps 10 years – but not more than 15 – every single sermon with be on grief over our dying planet – killed by greed, acquisitiveness, and the silence of the church.” 

Preach on climate

  • Preaching on climate change can be intimidating.  Here is a page with suggestions that will help you get started.  Look here for sermons others have preached.

Lead your congregation.

  • Lead your congregation in adopting one or another of the personal actions listed above.
  • Meet with the leadership of your town and initiate a campaign to amplify your town’s resilience.
  • Look at our resources and lead a study group at your church.

Divest from fossil fuels


Opportunities for Congregations

Congregations all over the country are recognizing that protecting the environment and climate are core to their mission.  As climate change undermines our normal expectations with increasing extreme weather, fires, floods and casualties, the resilience of our local communities will become increasingly important.  The fact that there is a church in almost every town makes a huge difference – so long as the congregation is willing to step up the leadership role the community needs.

Form a Green Team

Become a Green Congregation

  • Get certified as a MACUCC Green Congregation by completing 12 tasks of your choosing from difficulty levels 1, 2, or 3.
  • Be sure to let us know what you're up to so we can celebrate your congregation here.

Divest from fossil fuels

  • Explore to learn about fossil fuel divestment and your congregation.
  • Click here to see a list of MACUCC churches that have divested.

Participate in MassReLeaf Ministry

  • The MACUCC and the MA Department of Conservation have established a state-wide environmental social action facilitation ministry - the MassReLeaf Ministry - as a part of this national religious-environmental movement.  Its purpose is to help minister to the physical and mental health, emotional stability and community spirit of people living in deforested urban and blighted areas across the state of Massachusetts.  Find more information as well as how to participate here.

Share your ministry and help transition your town

  • Live out God’s call to witness for a sustainable creation by leading your town to become more resilient.  The transition town movement is a great place to learn how. As you do, you’ll discover that there are dozens / hundreds of people in your community who are not now church goers because they could never imagine a congregation active in this area.  Let’s partner with them to engage the greatest moral challenge humanity has ever faced.