Southern New England collaboration

Whenever you see this symbol,
it indicates a collaborative effort.

Led by the Holy Spirit, in September 2015, each of the Boards of the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut conferences voted unanimously to adopt a resolution committing to join one another in a season of discernment to listen to how God may be calling to either federate or merge.

Well before that vote, however, the three southern New England conferences began collaborating on mission and ministry in a variety of ways. Events and news articles related to collaborative efforts are listed at right.

Some ongoing examples include:

  • The three Conferences collaborate on the twice-annual Super Saturday events, with presenters and attendees from each Conference and a rotating location. See more
  • Since March, 2016, Tiffany Vail has been working as the Associate Conference Minister for Communications for all three conferences.  See more.
  • The Massachusetts Conference entered into a formal strategic partnership with the Connecticut Conference in the area of Racial Justice Ministries. This partnership, financed through the Friends of the Conference fund, is helping to facilitate the development of an array of programs or avenues by which local congregations can engage with the work of ending racism. These will include programs oriented toward spiritual formation, education, and faith-based activism. The Connecticut Conference has already developed curriculum, training, resources, and experts on the subject. Available programs and resources can be found at:





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