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Evaluating Curriculum Materials

Sunday School Curriculum Overview of MACUCC Recommended Materials

2020 Curriculum Overview Chart for Children's Ministries - Updated!

2018 Curriculum Overview Chart for Youth Formation

2019 Vacation Bible School Curriculum Reviews

2020 Curriculum Overview Chart for Confirmation - Updated!

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Curriculum Methods

Each Sunday presents a different Bible story that follows a seasonal theme such as heroes of the Old Testament or the parables of Jesus or the birth of Jesus. These may or may not be the same story for each age level.

Godly Play
Based on a Montessori model, this approach models Christian worship, stories, symbols, and rituals.

The scripture focus for each Sunday is chosen from the Revised Common Lectionary and may be the same scripture used in worship.

Workshop Rotation Model
This approach uses a variety of media that presents a single Bible story for several weeks in lab-style settings such as computer, video, drama, art, puppets, food, Bible skills & games, music, and the like.


Specifically Focussed Curriculum Resources




Science & Faith

Sexuality & Sexual Health (Our Whole Lives)

Vacation Bible School