Saturday, October 5, 2019 at 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM

Super Saturday Workshops

Morning Workshops

1.  The Theology of Resistance - Helping the Church Reclaim Its Prophetic Power    
Utilizing the Theology of Resistance (developed by the Rev. Michael-Ray Mathews) as a tool to help shape our thinking about the challenges our society faces today. From racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, climate denial and so many other isms, our culture is being bombarded and destroyed. The Theology of Resistance helps us work through these issues, prioritizing the voice and leadership of those closest to the pain so that together we might experience liberation. Through a process of encounter, disruption, re-imagination and prophetic action, we can take steps to heal our world.    
Bishop Dwayne Royster

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2.  Weird and Wonderful Church - Extended Workshop 2.25 Hours
We'll look at how churches can transform to become healthy faithful and effective in the changing landscape of ministry. Based on key insights and concepts and research.          
Rev. Don Remick, Transitional Interim Conference Minister of MACUCC and has worked with church revitalization and redevelopment for over 3 decades.

Faith Formation/Christian Education

3.  Safe Conduct/Safe Church  
This workshop is designed for those enrolled in the CE Certification program for local church educators; however, anyone who serves in a local church will find this workshop informative and vital for their ministry. All are welcome. Safe Conduct(TM) refers more broadly to organizational conduct and personal behaviors that impact both children and adults. Providing a safe place for all children, youth, and adults of all abilities is one of the core values of our mission and ministry. .          
Debra Moore, Commissioned Minister of Faith Formation at Edwards Church, Northampton, MA and member of the MACUCC Faith Formation Ministry Team

4.  Do It Yourself Vacation Bible School/Camp            
You have the tools and knowledge to write your own Vacation Bible School/Camp curriculum that will custom fit your congregation or target audience. We've done it three times; come and see how easy it can be!      
Paul Nesbit, Director of Faith Formation and Family Ministries, Wilbraham United Church. Paul holds a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from Washington Theological Union and is a teacher/administrator in the public schools. He is also a Member in Discernment with the Hampden (MA) Association.

5.  Rite of Passage Opportunities to Engage Church Families and Children Through the Years        
Create Rite of Passage opportunities to engage church families and children through the years from baptism to high school graduation. Ideas include specific grade level accomplishments as well as intergenerational / multi-age opportunities.      
Kristin Putney, RI Conference Christian Education and Youth Ministry Resource Consultant, Artist and Local Church Educator for 32 years.

Church Leadership 

6.  The A,B,C's of Conflict Transformation      
This workshop will offer some simple strategies to help work through conflict in your church as well as offer tools to improve communication skills and to create a caring culture. Additional resources will be available for churches looking for more in-depth work on conflict transformation.     
Rev. Patty Kogut, Associate Conference Minister, MA Conference and Pastor, North Congregational Church, Middleboro, MA.

Church Vitality

7.  Tell Your Story: Marketing Ideas for Your Church - Extended Workshop 2.25 Hours
Hear many creative marketing and promotional ideas you can replicate in your own setting in this fast-paced and inspiring presentation!     
The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Chapman, Westfield Church, received his doctorate from Emory University in May 2019.  Westfield's online following from the hundreds to the thousands and has a knack for telling the congregation's story in compelling ways.

8.  How'm I Doing?
This workshop will show us how to answer this question for ourselves. What are signs of good church health? What are the signs of caution? What signs tell us to consider our legacy as a congregation? Given the changes in the wider community's culture, we should ask ourselves, "How'm I doing?"
Rev. Quentin Chin, Interim Pastor and Chaplain. Liturgical writer for "Facing Your Church's Uncertain Future" (published by UCC Church Building and Loan Fund)

9.  From Membership To Discipleship
The first and most important value of the new conference in Southern New England is helping local churches make disciples of Jesus. We will deconstruct the membership model, with its varied assumptions and understandings of church life, and see how a discipleship model best allows people to live their faith in the world. Come learn what this can look like for individuals, for small group ministries, and for your church.
The Rev. Corey J. Sanderson, President of the new conference in Southern New England, started a new UCC church that was grounded on a discipleship model rather than the traditional membership model we currently have.


10.  Climate Crisis Resilience Practice
The work of climate justice needs us if we're going to fight for a better future. To help change our world, we must push through our fear and anxieties to find not optimism but courage. Sharing our stories of challenge and support and receiving resonance can help us come to terms with the shared challenge of climate uncertainty and build resilience and community.  We will practice tools that help us support each other and build community so that each of us, and all of us together, can lean in to the greatest challenge of our time. This is not a climate change 101 workshop to learn about what's happening and what to do.
Pam Arifian, Director, UCC Northeast Environmental Justice Center, a Southern New England UCC ministry that is focused on education and advocacy on environmental and climate justice. She has been an educator, planner and advocate in the field of environmental justice and sustainability for over 15 years.

11.  Become a Green Congregation
The workshop will have three parts: a) Introduction and description of the program and how churches can get started; b) lessons from successful Green Congregations, including highlights and tips; c) an invitation for ideas to update and refresh the Green Congregation program with new tasks and innovations.
Ted Wade and Barbara Darling, Co-Chairs, MACUCC Environmental Ministries. Ted, a long-time environmental activist, serves on the Steering Committee for Old South Church's Climate Task Force and is the Environmental Ministries representative to the Carbon Pricing Coalition. Barbara chairs Church of the Covenant's Consumption and Justice Group and teaches Religion and Ecology at Wheaton College, Norton, MA.

Justice & Witness

12.  Extra! Extra! A Play for Today!
Engage in the Just Peace Player's play and see how you can use drama and art in your congregation! This is news from the news that needs us to respond as people of faith!
Just Peace Players, celebrating 30 years creating plays and peace and justice resources.
13.  Public Space for Prophetic Voices         
Advocacy is essential for the Church to be faithful to God's calling. City Mission's Public Voices Project is a speakers' bureau that prepares and empowers formerly homeless mothers to educate others, including City Mission's partner churches, and engage both constituents in the work of advocacy.  The speakers will address the theological and practical issues to defend the right of housing for all people and how to tackle the systems and structures that prevent it.
Rev. June R. Cooper, Executive Director of City Mission

14.  400 Years after Landing - What Price Healing?
Rev. Kelly Gallagher spent her sabbatical time seeking to hear the voices of those most impacted by landing of the Mayflower - the First Peoples of this nation. As much as our churches feel it important to remember what coming to these shores meant to those of European descent, so too are we obligated to consider what it meant (and continues to mean) for those who were displaced and eliminated. She will share her experiences and resources for churches to consider in the coming year of commemoration.
Rev. Kelly Gallagher, Associate Conference Minister, Justice and Witness, MACUCC

15.  Circle Up - PART 1 
The powerful documentary with Janet Connors and Clarissa Turner, two of the circle-keepers whose tragedy and lives have created a path toward justice and healing for communities impacted by violence and injustice will be followed by a Q&A with Janet and Clarissa.  The conversation will continue in the afternoon session. 
Janet Connors, circle keeper and long time social justice and community activist targeting neighborhoods most affected by violence and social injustice. Clarissa Turner, circle keeper and founder of Legacy Lives On, is dedicated to supporting the entire community during times of loss.


16.  Our New Conference and Local Church Giving - this workshop will be repeated in the afternoon
Several innovations will help our fully unified Conference get its very best start. Among these is a new way for local churches to support the wider church and participate in being Church together. Come hear how your church is being invited into a richer relationship with the other settings of the UCC's Associations, Conference, and National UCC's and how this relates to the essential funding that makes our partnership in mission and ministry possible. This workshop will be of interest to church leaders who want to learn something that's unique about our new Conference, specially designed to enhance our life together while responsive to today's challenges and opportunities.
Rev. Dr. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister for Stewardship and Financial Development, MACUCC

17.  Facing Down the Storm
After Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti in 2016 lives and homes were lost. Learn how Church World Service has been responding and supporting our neighbors in the aftermath of this crisis, including building homes which withstood Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Hear stories, see images and learn how your congregations support is creating long-lasting, sustainable solutions in Haiti.
Adam Smedberg, Church World Service, Community Engagement Specialist - New England and Margot de Greef, Church World Service, Country Representative- Haiti

Open & Affirming/LGBTQ

18.  A Call to Faithful Inclusion: Dismantling Homophobic Interpretations of the Bible
Concerned about the Bible being used as a tool to justify homophobia? We will deconstruct commonly employed clobber passages in their sociohistorical contexts and highlight boundary-breaking texts that affirm LGBTQ people. Participants will gain knowledge to respond to harmful interpretation and also be able advocate for the full inclusion of queer people in the life of the contemporary Christian church.
James Admans, MID, Seminary Intern, Fort Washington Collegiate Church and M.Div. Candidate at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York

19.  God & Gender: Welcoming Trans Folks
Exploring the limits and possibilities of gendered language can help us grow closer to God and more welcoming to our neighbor. We'll discuss preferred pronouns, gender expression, and even do a little Bible study.
Rev. Katherine Blaisdell, Divine Communications. Pastor, communications coach, and sometime-scholar on the queer Christian experience


20.  Meeting My Neighbor? - Extended Workshop 2.25 Hours   
Whether your congregation is developing your "why," writing your profile, revitalizing, or creating a new mission project, you've got to get out and meet your neighbors. Using community organizing techniques this workshop will help you develop a plan to meet your neighbors, live and in person, and learn from them how your church's strengths might matter to them.
The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth M. Magill (Liz) is pastor of Ashburnham Community Church. She's a small church pastor working on the intersection of mission and evangelism

Racial Justice

21.  Remembering Slavery's Living Legacy in the Local Church
Join Rev. Dan Smith and other church leaders as they share the story of how First Church has begun to wrestle with its history of complicity in the living legacy of slavery. After a careful review of their membership roles, the church discovered that there were over 40 names of enslaved persons on their membership rolls. In 2018, the church embarked on a project called "Remembrance and Reparations" at First Church. The church is now working to create some public remembrance of its slaveholding history, one that has lasting social impact on racial inequities that continue to exist in Cambridge and beyond.
Rev. Dan Smith, Senior Minister at First Church in Cambridge, Congregational (UCC)


22.  Advent & Lent Prayer Stations To Go
This interactive workshop will be filled with resources for you to create Advent and Lenten Prayer Stations. You will also have an opportunity to experience several of the experiential prayer stations during our time. This will be appropriate for clergy and laity who are interested in worship enhancement and spiritual practices.
Rev. Dawn Adams, Rev. Carol Smith and our entire Clergy Community of Practice

23.  Leading Creative Retreats, Creative Ideas for Your Next Retreat!
Icebreakers, discussion questions, theme outlines. Retreats - from 2 hours to 2 days and longer - can encourage participants to nourish their weary spirits. Find out how.
Rev. Sue Foster is the pastor of the East Woodstock Congregational (UCC) Church in CT and author of Retreats to Go: Twelve Creative Programs that Renew and Refresh

Stewardship/Church Finance 

24.  Seeds Need Good Soil: Enhancing Stewardship Programs - Extended Workshop 2.25 Hours
The spiritual and theological foundations for fundraising, understanding and challenging church culture around financial matters, dividing responsibilities between clergy and lay leaders, and making a strong case for support. The impact of this workshop will be multiplied if clergy and lay leaders of a congregation attend together.
Charlie Kuchenbrod, Executive Associate Conference Minister, CTUCC. Evangelist for Generosity

25.   Visioning the Bible: Using your Bible-Eyes to Share the Stories
We may have heard the stories but have we seen them? Engaging your audience to share what each saw when scripture was read so we may expound together on the text with the leader utilizing original language and Renaissance or other art for clues to the scene and context depicted and to show how what we saw might have been influenced by art or prior sermons.
Roger "Rusty" Chadwick, Esquire, Second Church West Boxford MA, occasional preacher and weaver of Biblical characters in sermons and one-person plays


26.  Yes, This is Still Worship!
Risking new joy and God's transformative presence in out-of-the-ordinary worship opportunities. How one church uses a variety of worship settings to draw people together in joy, wonder and praise. Examples include Church on the River, Blessing of the Fields, Holy Humor Sunday, Outdoor Celtic Worship, and Breakfast Church. Use your passion and your setting to risk new blessing!
Rev. Jill Graham, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC and Pastor, First Congregational Church of Sheffield, MA

30 Minute Lunch Activities

L1.  Light, Love, Liberation and Power - How the Church Must Reclaim Its Power             
Light, Love, Liberation and Power - How the Church must reclaim its Power - Rooted in the call story of the Prophet Jeremiah, we will examine the need for a resurgence of Prophetic voices and Action in America and the world. We will talk about how Love demands that we chose a side and how we must “pluck up and pull down”; “destroy and overthrow” hate so we can "build and plant” a world rooted in love.
Bishop Dwayne Royster

L2.  A New Conference in Southern New England?
With lots of moving parts and constant evolution, the new tri-state conference is now real. General Synod affirmed its creation in June, but there is a lot to report and share with you all. Have you heard about the plans for the bridge period? Are you curious about the emerging staffing model? What exactly will be happening on January 1, 2020? Come join us for a lunch time conversation to hear the most up to date news. Come be part of the exciting new thing that God is doing in our midst! . 
New Conference Leadership Team

L3.  Good News for Young People?
Let's look at what it means to engage the Good News with young people living in an increasingly secular society and, therefore, not likely to show up in church. Drawing on my experiences as chaplain at a now secular boarding school, we will look at how to talk about, and suggest the relevance of Good News in a pluralistic context with students whose lives are over-scheduled.
Rev. Lee-Ellen Strawn, Chaplain at Northfield Mount Hermon School, Gill, Massachusetts. Educator in secondary schools in the U.S. and internationally for 20 plus years.

L4.  How to Preach from a Manuscript without Looking like You're Preaching from a Manuscript!
We all want to preach fresh, well-worded sermons, but sound and look natural while doing so. We'll discuss how to prepare a manuscript that is more conducive to memorization and sharing key sentences and sections without reading them. In a world filled with TED Talks, our presentations matter more than ever!
Rev. Dr. Rich Knight, Pastor of Central Congregational Church in Chelmsford, MA, and loves to preach! Rich has been preaching weekly for over 30 years, and he's learned a few tricks along the way.

Afternoon Workshops 

Care & Wellness

27.  Caring for Caregivers            
Across the globe and within our communities, more and more family members have assumed the role of caregiver. They are in our congregations, maybe even our families. From loneliness, isolation, anxiety, depression and even suicidal thoughts, we will look at the toll that caregiving places on caregivers, how we can recognize problems, and how our pastoral care can make a difference.
Rev. Lisa Eleck, West Suffield Congregational Church, UCC. Pastor with hospice experience as a nurse/nurse practitioner for over 25  years.  Dr. Ronald Brown, former ACM CTUCC, is the Senior Pastor of the First Congregational Church Southington and a Stephen Leader (a trainer of Stephen Ministers) who is a firm believer in the power of stories.

Faith Formation/Christian Education 

28.   The Year of Mark: Westfield Church's Year with the Bible's Oldest Gospel
Hear how Westfield Church spent 51 weeks working sequentially through the gospel of Mark and how it expanded their biblical literacy and deepened their faith.
The Rev. Dr. Jonathan Chapman, Westfield Church, received his doctorate from Emory University in May 2019 after working with the gospel of Mark for three years within his congregation.   The Rev. Sarah Weaver, Rehoboth Congregational Church, Rehoboth, MA implemented the Year of Mark and will share her experience.

29.  Choosing and Adapting Curriculum Resources
Do the curriculum materials used in your education programs tend to fall short of your expectations? That's because the publisher does not know your congregation like you do. This workshop will provide guidance in evaluating, selecting, and adapting Christian Education curriculum materials to meet the needs of your particular congregation.
Debbie Gline Allen, MACUCC, Associate for Faith Formation and Youth Ministries

Church Vitality 

30.  Creating a Coaching Culture
Come and learn some of the basic skills of Coaching and experience how these can be used to strengthen the work of teams and the improve the overall culture of a church community. Through deep listening, powerful questions and goal setting, Coaching can be a tool to help your leaders and teams, and ultimately your church, be more faithful and effective in their work, mission and ministry.
Rev. Patty Kogut, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC and Pastor, North Congregational Church, UCC Middleboro, MA and Rev. Jill Graham, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC and Pastor, First Congregational Church of Sheffield, MA

31.  Change Your Bylaws Now!
Do your church bylaws equip and empower your church for effective ministry in the 21st Century? There is no reason why they can't. Learn how to take the steps to make change.
Pastor Chris Hart is an Intentional Interim, Revitalization Pastor and a Professional Transition Specialist with over 10 years of hands on experience

32.  Question Burst: A More Creative Way Through Adaptive Challenge
Learn how to brainstorm catalytic questions that can lead to more effective work towards adaptive change. Question Burst is a mighty tool that can work with groups of many sizes and begin a journey of effective collective efforts to happy outcomes.
Susan Townsley, CT Conference ACM for Innovation, Leadership and Change

33.  So You Think You Know Your Neighbor?
Many churches believe they know the neighborhood, but digging deeper in conversation and data might reveal surprises. This workshop will focus on tools to engage your neighbors. Come hear some success stories from our churches who found new partners in ministry when they asked, "who is our neighbor?"
Rev. Wendy Vander Hart, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC


34.  Nature Alive!         
Discover new ways to help folks feel spiritually connected with nature and work for climate change with the Just Peace Players.  
Just Peace Players have been performing and creating justice resources in the MACUCC for over 30 years

Justice & Witness 

35.  How To Become a Local Just Peace Church      
Learn the process for your local congregation to become a Just Peace Church and join the UCC Just Peace Church network. We will share the steps and resources that are available on UCC.org - "Advocate for Justice" and "Just Peace".
Rev. Dr. Robert Loesch, retired UCC pastor who has been active in peace and justice issues from high school years into the present, serving UCC congregations in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.

36.  Growing the Church Through Mission and Justice Ministries
In an age when many churches across many denominations are in steep and dangerous decline, some are bucking that trend and growing. Often they are churches with a clearly-defined mission and justice ministry. This workshop will look at some of the factors influencing growth and decline and how a church's ministry of justice can help it grow in spite of declining influences. Sponsored by the South East Area Mission and Justice Committee (MACUCC). 
Rev. Dr. Stan Duncan, Interim Pastor, First Trinitarian Cong. Church of Scituate, active in campaigns for economic, social justice, and author on economics, religion, and church growth. Rev. Ami Dion, Pastor, West Cong. Church in Taunton, a small but vibrant congregation, involved in many mission and justice activities, including leading delegations of youth to work with the Appalachia Service Project. Rev. Steven Aucella, Pastor, New North Church, Hingham, active in many mission activities.

37.  Standing in the Breach: Trans Asylum Seekers Ministry Alliance
Come hear the stories of trans asylum seekers and the work of the Trans Asylum Seeker Ministry Alliance to create an interfaith community of sponsors and a house of refuge for trans asylum seekers. Learn more about the process of sponsorship, and the experience and current situation for asylum seekers, not only on the border but here in our community.
Rev. Liza M. Neal, engaging in ministry beyond binaries and borders Local Trans Asylum Seekers

38.  New Social Justice Resource for Small Groups
Exploring Justice: The Ten Commandments is a new small-group study resource that examines social justice issues through the lens of the Ten Commandments. The workshop will introduce you to the material, the structure that helps facilitate dialogue instead of division, and what is to come in future volumes in the series. The first volume, "Priorities", is hot off the press in October, and all workshop attendees will receive a free copy of the student book and leader's guide.
Rev. Anne Robertson, Executive Director, Massachusetts Bible Society. Anne is the author of Exploring the Bible: The Dickinson Series as well as several other books from Morehouse Publishing and Eerdmans Publishing. She served churches for 13 years in FL, NH, and MA.

39.   Christians and Muslims Partnering Together as Interfaith Allies
What do we know about Islam and where did we learn it? How do we, as people of faith, address intolerance and speak out against hatred and bigotry when we hear it? What can Muslims and Christians do together to respond to acts of fanaticism and violence? This workshop explores how these two Abrahamic faiths, which both focus on love and justice, can partner together to work for The Common Good. Sponsored by the Massachusetts Conference's Ecumenical and Interfaith Task Force.
Martin Bentz, is the Outreach Coordinator for the Islamic Society of SE Mass and is also on the Advisory Board of the Council on American Islamic Relations - Mass (CAIR- MA). He is actively involved in interfaith cooperation and regularly contributes an Islamic perspective to local newspapers and radio shows. He worked 30 years for the United Nations as a senior administrator and mediator. After much reflection, Martin reverted to Islam 23 years ago while working for the UN in Morocco.

40.  Circle Up - PART 2 (Part 1 is required) 
The conversation will continue with Janet Connors and Clarissa Turner, they will lead us in Circle to deepen the conversation and experience how the circle process can build, tend and repair the social fabric of our communities. 
Janet Connors, circle keeper and long time social justice and community activist targeting neighborhoods most affected by violence and social injustice. Clarissa Turner, circle keeper and founder of Legacy Lives On, is dedicated to supporting the entire community during times of loss.


41.  Ending Life Imprisonment
The workshop will follow-up the 2017 resolution in the Massachusetts Conference against life without parole by providing surprising details about life sentences and progress being made in the Massachusetts legislature to provide an eventual parole hearing for all.
Ashley Nellis, Ph.D., Senior Research Analyst for The Sentencing Project and co-author of the recent book, The Meaning of Life. Rev. Jonathan Tetherly, chair, Actual Justice Task Team MACUCC and retired protestant chaplain of the Hampden Correctional Center in Ludlow, MA

Opening & Affirming/LGBTQ

42.  Our New Conference and Local Church Giving (Repeat of the Morning Workshop)
Several innovations will help our fully unified Conference get its very best start. Among these is a new way for local churches to support the wider church and participate in being Church together. Come hear how your church is being invited into a richer relationship with the other settings of the UCC's Associations, Conference, and National UCC and how this relates to the essential funding that makes our partnership in mission and ministry possible. This workshop will be of interest to church leaders who want to learn something that's unique about our new Conference, specially designed to enhance our life together while responsive to today's challenges and opportunities.
Rev. Dr. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister for Stewardship and Financial Development, MACUCC


43.  Preparing Your Church to Welcome Trans Folks!
Being welcoming isn't instant - It requires thoughtfulness and preparation! This workshop is designed to help you move from intention to action in really being a welcoming space.
Rev. Louis J. Mitchell, Executive Director of Transfaith Longtime activist, agitator and instigator of intentional inclusion!

44.  Telling Your Church's Story Beyond Your Own Walls
What makes for a story good enough that others will read it? Learn how to get the word out about your ministries both to your community and to the wider church through the Conference. Prepare to do some hands-on work to get a head start on promoting your church and inspiring others in your community.
Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane, Publications Editor for the Massachusetts Conference. Conference news and Spotlight editor for almost 15 years, as well as content and marketing communications professional for over 20 years.


45.  Meeting Addiction With Grace
Addressing the opioid epidemic with open hearts and minds is a challenge facing all faith communities today. Learn the basics of addiction and what you can do to help.
Rev. Dr. Robert Everett, Pastor Second Church of Plymouth and Certified Recovery Coach Kimberly Everett, Nursing Case Manager, Medication Assisted Treatment Program
46.  Beyond Santa and the Easter Bunny: Connect with Un-Churched Families at Christmas and Easter
The culture still "celebrates" in a way the two major Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter. How can your church leverage this holiday and holy day awareness to connect with young families in your community? Learn about a simple program that Pilgrim UCC in Sherborn, MA has used to very successfully connect with families and introduce parents and children to the real meaning of Christmas and Easter.
Pastor John F. Hudson; local church pastor for thirty years; syndicated newspaper columnist

Racial Justice 

47.  Introduction to Racial Justice 
This workshop will introduce the basic concepts of Racial Justice as taught in our Racial Justice and White Privilege trainings. This is meant to be an introduction for those interested in bringing these trainings to their churches, or wondering if they should jump in and take the full training themselves.  This workshop fulfills the CE Racial Justice requirement.
Rev. Kelly Gallagher, Associate Conference Minister, Justice and Witness, MACUCC


48.  Practicing Silence with God
Our faith tells us that God has spoken and that God is still speaking in us and through us. However, in the busyness of everyday life, it can be challenging to hear God's still, small voice. This workshop will introduce several practices that can help to nurture silence - where we can sense God's voice and loving, abiding presence.
Rev. Henry Schoenfield, Interim Pastor, First Church Stoneham. Pastor, Spiritual Director, and Certified Professional Coach.

Stewardship/Church Finance

49.  Fundraising in the Digital Age
This workshop will provide first time fundraisers with the basics necessary for running an online fundraising campaign. We will discuss best practices for crowdfunding and social media, share resources and experiences, and take time to create our own fundraising plans.
Ms. Lee Gagen, Fundraising and Development Specialist, MACUCC

50.  Health Insurance: Help!
A tri-conference health insurance working group has found health insurance is a multi-faceted conundrum without a single, best option. This workshop will present various options and resources for local churches. It will also be an opportunity to ask questions and voice your needs and concerns to guide the group's research for future presentations.
Rev. Quentin Chin, member at Church on the Hill in Lenox, MA, has served several congregations in different denominations as an interim pastor. He has had an active role in developing clergy compensation for the MACUCC for several years. Diana Beecher, Retired business executive, many years of active involvement in church life, Treasurer and Trustee.


51.  Preaching in Advent and Lent
Fashion a sermon series for the high liturgical seasons. Make worship more lively and meaningful with sermon series that bring emphasis to Advent and Lent. Preachers will get ideas for how to make these seasons more memorable by making the most of your time in the pulpit.
Rev. Dr. Susan Cartmell, Pastor Pilgrim Church, Harwich Port, MA

52.  Designing Altarscapes for Advent & Christmas
Are you interested in bringing visual arts into the sanctuary and using their worship space in creative ways? In this workshop you will get to know the basics about designing altarscapes, with a focus on the season of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany. Resources and examples will be provided to help folks to begin building their own altarscapes this Advent.
Rev. Maddie Foster, Congregational Church of Needham UCC; Minister of Christian Education and Youth. Maddie uses altarscapes in Christian Education, both Children's chapel and the classroom, and in worship and uses the time spent on altarscapes as a spiritual practice and tool to further explore the Biblical texts she is preaching or teaching on.