Monday, September 23, 2019 to Tuesday, September 24, 2019
Monday September 23

1:30-3:00 Registration and Check In
3:00-3:30 Getting Started

3:30-5:30 Session 1 - We’ve all seen cultural trends underscoring growing religious disaffiliation and increased social isolation and deaths of despair. Angie and Sue will share an overview of these trends and highlight how congregations are uniquely poised to support spiritual formation and leadership in the emerging religious future.
5:30-7:00 Casual Gathering and Dinner
7:30-8:45 General Association Meeting, Worship - Isaac Monts, music leadership

Tuesday September 24

Breakfast on your own
8:45-9:00 Optional Morning Prayer
9:00-11:45 Session 2
- In this interactive session, Angie and Sue will offer a wide range of strategies for congregations and their leaders to engage hungry, “secular” souls, enhancing social connection and supporting purpose and meaning in their communities far beyond current membership. With a combo platter of large- and small-group discussion and individual work, participants will have time to integrate insights and strategies with an eye toward their own unique contexts.
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-1:20 Imagining New Gatherings
- Quiet time for individuals to consider what new gatherings they might probe in their own setting, creating a paper prototype.
1:20-2:50 ProAction Café - This is an opportunity for some to “shop” ideas for feedback and formation. In several rounds of structured conversation, some will offer nascent ideas for new gathering initiatives. Angie and Sue will support small group integration work, cheerlead, and provide some final wrap-up thoughts.
2:50-3:00 Last Things, Blessing on Your Way