Faith Formation 101

Use of Videos Session Option Policy

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For class sessions that have been video recorded, we offer the video (via Vimeo) to students who have a conflict on the Saturdays when the Faith Formation Leadership Certificate Program classes are held. With this option we require that the student meet with a mentor, pastor, or faith formation committee member(s) to view the video. After viewing the video together and participating in the class discussions with each other (pause the video to take time to discuss), the student will talk through the two Reflection Questions with the mentor/pastor/committee member(s), and then submit written responses to these questions, which are included in an evaluation form for the session. The mentor/pastor/committee representative will also be asked to submit a brief reflection on this time spent with the student. Upon receipt of both sets of reflections (one from the student and one from the mentor/pastor/committee representative) the student will receive credit for “attending” the class.


Reflection Questions for the Student

  • What is one thing you will take with you and why? 
  • What is one thing you will practice and why?


Guiding Reflection Questions for the Mentor/Pastor/Committee Representative

  • What area of growth did you observe as you conversed with the student after viewing the video of the class session? 
  • What were some of the learnings the student shared with you that you envision will influence his/her ministry with his/her congregation?


Instructions for the Student

  1. Invite either your pastor, a mentor, or representative(s) from the faith formation committee where you are employed to view the video with you. Be sure to let him/her/them know that they are asked to submit a brief written reflection of the experience as part of your certification process.
  2. Supplies needed for each participant:
    - Pens or pencils & paper or laptop/tablet for jotting down notes
    - Faith Formation 101 Class Materials (see links below)
  3. At the agreed-upon date for viewing the video, you may access it here:
  4. During the video, pause it to participate together in any of the activities in which the instructor engaged the onsite students.
  5. After viewing the video together, take some time to discuss what stood out for you, and talk about how you will respond to the Reflection Questions. (This discussion process may help you to refine your responses.)
  6. Submit your Reflection Question responses to, and give the others a deadline of your choosing for submitting their Guiding Reflection Questions.



Please contact Debbie Gline Allen at or call 508-603-6601.



Faith Formation 101 Class Materials

* Please download and print the following for use during the class session:

      Class Handouts:
Power Point Slides
Balcony Time
Behavioral Covenant
Classroom Covenant
Christian Formation Purposes
Leadership Practices
Practical Visions for Faith-Forming Committees
Staff Relations Committee
Vital Formation Within the Church Setting   
          Chat Screen from 12/7/19 video conferenced class

Other Helpful Program Materials

* Click here if you need more information about this class, other classes offered, and/or the Certificate Program.