Faith Formation, Christian Education & Youth Ministry


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There are 3 ways to access education resources for your congregation:

  1. Browse through this webpage to locate the resources you need for your programs. You will find webinars, networking opportunities, retreats, resource recommendations, and more!
  2. Contact the Massachusetts Conference’s Christian Education and Youth Ministry Consultant, Debbie Gline Allen, if you have a specific question or need some guidance in navigating the world of Christian education resources. You may reach her at or call 508-603-6601.
  3. Massachusetts Conference churches and their members now have free access to a series of webinars and a library of books, articles, videos and CDs through a new partnership with Practical Resources for Churches, a New York based online church resource center. The PRC’s live webinars and previously recorded webinars are offered at no cost. Visit their website for more information:


Equipping & Networking Opportunities:

Certification Program for Christian Educators

Education for Effective Youth Ministry Certification Program (EEYM)

Communities of Practice for Christian Educators & Youth Ministry Leaders

Faith Formation Classes




Youth Retreat at Craigville -- to be scheduled for 2018

Confirmation retreats hosted by the Massachusetts Conference



New!  21st Century Faith Formation

Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

Baptism and Communion Resources

New!  Children's Messages

New!  Compensation Guidelines for Christian Educations/Youth Ministry Leaders (within the document,"Seeking a Christian Educator/Youth Ministry Leader")

Confirmation Programs

New!  Curriculum - Choosing & Adapting

New!  Curriculum Comparison Chart for Children's Ministries

New!  Curriculum Comparison Chart for Youth Ministries

Lectionary Scripture Readings

New!  Racial Justice Resources for Families

Safe Church Conduct Ministry and iCORI information

New!  Seeking a Christian Educator or Youth Ministry Leader

Vacation Bible School

New!  Youth Ministry




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