Fellowship Dues

What are Fellowship Dues? 

Fellowship dues have been paid by the churches of the Massachusetts Conference to support common ministries since the 1840s. The 2014 Annual Meeting of the Conference has encouraged churches to move away from this model, and instead give through the new United Church Mission model.

If your church has, or is considering, opting into United Church Mission, learn more here.

If your church is currently continuing to pay Fellowship Dues, please read below for more information.

Fellowship dues consist of two parts:

  • Association dues - cover the cost of Association programs and services. Each Association sets its own dues.
  • Conference dues - contribute to the cost of Conference services and programs, including the regionally deployed ministers and staff. Fellowship dues accounts for approximately ½ of the total financial support for the Conference. The Conference portion of the fellowship dues is set by the annual meeting of the Conference.

How are fellowship dues calculated?

Fellowship dues are assessed on a per member basis according to the membership numbers reported by churches to the Conference as of December 31 of each year. An annual report form is sent to every church. If no report form is received back by the Conference, the prior year’s numbers are used. See amounts below. 

Our church belongs to more than one denomination

Federated, United and other churches that are aligned with more than one denomination should report on their annual report form the number of UCC members for dues purposes as well as the total number of members.

Some churches maintain separate membership lists for each denomination and divide their denominational support based on those numbers. Some churches divide all members equally between the various denominations for purposes of determining denominational support.

In the event the church has a combination of members who are identified with a particular denomination and some who only belong to the local church, the non-aligned members should be apportioned on an equitable basis between denominations for dues and other denominational support purposes.

How are fellowship dues billed and paid?

Association treasurers bill each church for its fellowship dues based on the membership numbers provided them by the Conference. All fellowship dues payments should be made directly to your Association treasurer. The Association treasurers retain the Association portion of the dues and remits the Conference portion to the Conference. (Barnstable and Hampden Association churches may now make their Fellowship Dues contributions electronically by using our online form.)

All other gifts, such as OCWM Basic Support, special offerings, disaster relief, etc. should be submitted electronically or sent directly to: MACUCC, 1 Badger Road, Framingham, MA 01702.  Dues are due by Dec. 31. 


2019 Fellowship Dues per Member

Conference 20.00
Barnstable Association 1.75
Berkshire Association 1.50
Central Association 1.65
Franklin Association 1.50
Hampden Association 1.00
Hampshire Association 2.00
Metropolitan Boston Association 3.32
Northeast Association 1.10
Old Colony Association  1.50
Pilgrim Association  1.30