Friends of the Conference

During my first few months as your Conference Minister I have found myself reflecting on the many blessings we share. I am especially moved by the value that you, the members of the Massachusetts Conference, place on opportunities for innovation and change. Many of you have shared your hopes and visions for the future of our new conference and I am inspired by your eagerness to enter into a shared ministry together with Rhode Island and Connecticut; Together as one.

As we embark on this journey, I am comforted by the knowledge that we are already living into the vision of the new conference through your generosity and support of Friends of the Conference. Created in the spirit of innovation and adaptive change, Friends of the Conference allows us to:

  • Understand the local church exists to make disciples of Jesus through our focused and creative development of Super Saturday themes and workshops to resource our churches in their ministry of Jesus Christ.
  • Commit to making God’s love and justice real through a strategic partnership with the Rhode Island and Connecticut Conferences that supports our Associate for Racial Justice and facilitator of white privilege trainings.
  • Bring new life as agents of change through initiatives like Churches Alive that encourages churches to make faithful decisions about their future and their potential for vital ministry.
  • Form covenant partnerships by gathering leaders from across state and denomination lines to collaborate on projects such as the recently awarded $1,000,000 Lilly Endowment grant.

On the eve of the vote to form a new conference with Connective and Rhode Island, Traci Blackmon addressed the crowd. “For every promised land there is a river that must be crossed,” she said. “And our ability to make it from the wilderness to the promised land lies in our willingness to cross the Jordan."

Let us get our feet wet together and cross the Jordan

Please join me in supporting the innovation and adaptive change unleashed by Friends of the Conference. Your generosity is what makes it all possible!

Living the Love and Justice of Jesus,

Rev. Donald Remick

Rev. Donald Remick

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