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Caring for Creation

“The Lord God planted a garden in Eden, in the east; and there God put the human…” – Genesis 2:8 (NSRV)

Caring for the creation God has given is one of the most basic tasks of Christian stewardship. Today the buildup of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is leading to devastating climate change – wreaking the good earth we have been given to care for.

Electric power generation creates 2,359 Million metric tons of carbon dioxide in the U.S. This is nearly half of all energy related emissions.

Power to Change

Energy deregulation allows you to select an alternative electricity supplier while staying with your current utility. Viridian Energy provides customers competitive prices for smarter energy choices. In Massachusetts customers of NStar and National Grid (and soon WMEC) can choose to purchase green electricity from Viridian Energy. This allows YOU to choose to reduce your carbon footprint created by your use of electricity.

About Viridian Energy

Viridian Energy is a socially responsible energy company providing clean energy choices at competitive prices. Viridian was founded with the vision to empower customers to make a difference in the environment, their local economy, and their personal lives simply by switching energy providers.

Viridian has a 20% plan, called Every Day Green, which delivers electricity that contains 20% more renewable energy than the state minimum of 7.5% for a total of 27.5%, while at the same time saving the consumer money over time. Viridian also has a 100% Green-E Certified plan which provides 100% green electricity generated by wind. This 100% plan is slightly more expensive than the local utility but still surprisingly affordable.

The average customer using the 20% Every Day Green renewable plan will reduce their carbon footprint by 2,708 lbs per year. This is the equivalent of planting 32 trees or of not using 138 gallons of gasoline.

The average customer using the 100% Pure Green will reduce their carbon footprint by 13,540 lbs per year. This is the equivalent of planting 158 trees or of not using 691 gallons of gasoline.

Residual Fundraising Program

The Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ has partnered with Viridian Energy to provide churches a means to assist their members, friends and others in their communities to “Go Green” through buying their power from Viridian Energy. The Viridian Residual Fundraising program provides for an ongoing commission to the local church for each household which enrolls to buy their electricity from Viridian. A residual commission will also be paid to the Mass. Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do Viridian rates compare to NStar and National Grid rates?

A: To compare current rates click here

Q: Will I get a separate bill?

A: No. You will still receive the same bill from your current utility. The only difference is that the “supply” line of the bill will note that your supplier is Viridian.

Q: Who restores my power if it goes out?

A: You are still served by your same utility. You continue to pay for this service as part of the facilities and distribution lines on your bill.

Q: What is the cost to the consumer switch to Viridian Energy?

A: There is no cost to sign up, no member fees, and no fee to cancel the monthly program. You are simply billed for the amount of electricity that you use.

Q: If I am unhappy, how do I leave the program?

A: You may leave the program at any time without any penalty. It will be effective as of the next month. To do so you may call either Viridian or your utility company.

Q: What is the commission my church will receive?

A: For each customer using a minimum of 501 kWh your church will receive $2 per month. In addition there is a cash bonus of $250 for every 25 customers enrolled up to 500.

Q: What is the cost to the church?

A: There are no fees or costs.

Q: Are consumers billed $2 more because they sign up under the church?

A: No. All Viridian consumers pay the same public published rate. (See Question one)

To learn more contact:

Andy Gustafson, Associate Conference Minister for Stewardship & Financial Development at gustafsona@macucc.org or (508) 875-5233 x 231; or
Frank Urro, our Viridian representative, at frank.urro@gmail.com or (978) 528-4478.