Investment Committee

As a result of the closure of the Massachusetts Congregational Fund, it was the desire of the Massachusetts Conference Board of Directors to establish an Investment Committee, tasked with overseeing the long-term invested assets of the Conference, serving in an advisory capacity to the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.  The Investment Committee was approved at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ in Amherst, MA.

The Investment Committee is a sub-committee of the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors and shall consist of five members.  Two of the members are also members of the Finance Committee, assigned by the Chair of the Board.  One of the two is designated by the Chair of the Board of Directors as Chair of the Investment Committee.  The remaining three members are recruited by the Volunteer Development Committee to serve three year terms, and are subject to election at Annual Meeting.


Current members:

The Rev. Dr. Jim Antal
Board Rep

Mr. Thomas DeMarco III
Pilgrim Church UCC, Sherborn
Class of 2019

Mr. Jonathan Guest
First Congregational Church of Natick
Board Rep

Mr. Lyman Jackson
United Parish of Auburndale, Newton
Class of 2020

Mr. Richard Osterberg
Newton Highlands Congregational Church, UCC, Newton
Class of 2018