Disaster Resource Team

Grace and Peace to you from the Disaster Resource Team of the MA Conference of the United Church of Christ.

Your Disaster Resource Team is a group of people whose purpose is to help churches of our Conference to both deal with and prepare for disasters. A disaster is anything that may disrupt the normal routine of a community or region. It could be a natural gas explosion that levels a block to a flood from spring rains that damages downtown businesses. It could be anything from an ice storm to a blizzard to a nor’easter. It could include toxic waste spills or nuclear accidents. It could include a major accident or an action of domestic violence. A disaster if often defined as such by those who are trying to cope with aftermath. It could even be an epidemic or pandemic of flu.

That's where the Disaster Resource Team offers its help. Churches are often critical places of resources and support to individuals and the community when disaster strikes. The community may turn to the church, both its people and its facilities, to help coordinate response efforts as well as providing spiritual solace. At the same time churches are often deeply impacted by those disasters, and frequently unprepared. In this era where climate change is creating more frequent and more intense storms we can anticipate that our churches will be called upon to respond in their own community and around the globe more often and more deeply. The Disaster Resource Team can help churches with strategies for coping with disasters as well as preparing for them. Read about the team's Disaster Protocol here.

The team coordinators are Rev. Jim Tilbe (jtilbe@comcast.net) and Rev. Fred Meade (fredmeade@aol.com)

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