MBA Council

The MBA Council shall consist of the elected officers (Moderator, Vice Moderator, Scribe, Treasurer, Registrar), the members of the Massachusetts Conference Board of Directors from the MBA area, any paid staff of the Association, the Associate Conference Minister for the MBA area (Associate Conference Minister), the Executive Director of the City Missionary Society, and three members at-large. Members-at-Large may from time to time be appointed to serve on committees or task forces. The Council shall act on behalf of the MBA except in matters specifically reserved for the MBA. At-large members shall be elected to three year terms by the MBA. The Council shall meet not less than five times per year.

The 2016-2017 MBA Council:
Moderator: Mr. Keith Marzilli Ericson, First Cong'l Church, Sommerville
Vice Moderator: Rev. Stacy Swain, The Union Church of Waban
Registrar: Mr. Paul Shafer, Hancock United Church of Christ, Lexington
Treasurer: Ms. Jane Comins McCord, First Cong'l Church in Reading
Scribe: Rev. John Allen, First Cong'l Church, Milton
City Mission Society: Rev. June Cooper
Committee on Ministry: Rev. Natalie Austrian, United Parish of Auburndale
Committee on Ministerial Standing: Mr. Neil Simister, Wellesley Village Church
MACUCC Board: Mr. Tracy Keene, Old South Church in Boston
Mr. Ian Tosh, First Cong'l Church, Sommerville
At Large: Rev. Anna Flowers, United Church in Walpole
Mr. Bradford Harding, Wellesley Village Cong'l Church
Rev. Julie Rogers, Church of the Covenant, Boston

The Council, adhering to policies adopted by the MBA shall initiate and execute programs consonant with the purposes of the MBA.
All Committees shall be responsible to the MBA through the Council. The Council shall have the duty of coordinating the activities and plans of the committees to ensure unified program results.
The Council may organize itself at it deems expedient to fulfill its responsibilities consistent with this Constitution and By-laws. One-fourth of its members shall constitute a quorum.
The Council shall act on all matters concerning the employment of staff consistent with the terms of the appropriate contracts and with any directives which the Association may issue from time to time.
The Council meets on a rotating day during the last week of September, November. January, March and May, usually at the Wellesley Hills Congregational Church unless otherwise noted. Please see the Calendar for more information. Meetings begin at 5:30 PM.