MWHMU Mission Statement & Financial Policies


The Massachusetts Woman's Home Missionary Union seeks to improve the quality of life for women and children and is committed to being a good steward of the funds entrusted to it by investing prudently and distributing the income wisely.


  1. All monies invested with Wilkins Investment Counsel, Inc. are referred to as the Endowment Fund. Gifts to the Endowment Fund are permanent and only the income shall be distributed. Income shall be determined every year at the end of the calendar year by averaging the last three-year's Fair Market Value on December 31st and multiplying the average by 5%. This is the amount available for distribution in the following year.
  2. The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the Endowment Fund. It may delegate responsibilities to either one or both of the treasurers.
  3. Unrestricted gifts of cash are most desirable. Gifts of stock or tangible items will be converted into cash and invested in the Endowment Fund.
  4. Proposed changes to any of these policies of The Massachusetts Women’s Home Missionary Union shall be surface-mailed to each member of the Board of Directors for their consideration. Proposed changes shall be mailed to all members of the corporation at least thirty days before the meeting to vote.   A vote for a change/s requires a two-thirds affirmative vote of the entire membership. Absentee voting is permitted.
  5. The Board of Directors is authorized to employ agents for custodial investment purposes. The Board of Directors may delegate the responsibility of dealing with those agents on a day-to-day basis.
  6. The Massachusetts Woman's Home Missionary Union Investments Policy, approved on March 12, 2008, shall be the standard for investments.
  7. Members of the board of directors and the investment counselor(s) charged with guiding the investments must disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest to the Board of Directors. This must be done in advance of any vote or action that might trigger a conflict of interest.
  8. An independent examiner shall be retained by the Board of Directors to make an annual examination of the financial accounts of the corporation. The expense, if any, is to be borne by the fund.
  9. In the event of the dissolution or final liquidation of the corporation, all liabilities and obligations of the corporation must be paid, satisfied and discharged, or adequate provisions made for such.  All remaining assets of the corporation shall be given to the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ with the principal as a restricted endowment named the Massachusetts Woman's Home Missionary Union-The Endowment Fund. The income from the fund shall be used primarily to promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of women and children. The Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ shall distribute the income at least semiannually.