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NEREM (New England Regional Environmental Ministries) is a loosely affiliated group of Christian environmental activists from throughout New England. 

NEREM meets face to face usually two times a year and occasionally by conference call, in addition to the projects that may also bring us together.  NEREM has no budget (at the moment at least!).   Just as the UCC in New England is committed to making climate and environment its signature issue, a time may be coming when this can be said of mainline Protestant churches throughout New England – and perhaps beyond!
NEREM created the annual Ecumenical Lenten Carbon Fast, and hosted the “Partnering with a Green God” Conference that featured Bill McKibben.  In April 2013 NEREM convened the Climate Revival. In anticipation of the UN climate conference in Paris, NEREM is launching a season of preaching on climate change: A New Awakening: Season of Prophetic Climate Witness.
NEREM began in 2010 when UCC environmental reps from all over New England gathered to support one another and occasionally undertake larger projects.  In 2012, numerous Episcopal activists, staff and Bishops from New England joined forces with NEREM.  The 2013 Climate Revival drew in Christian environmental activists from almost all denominations.

News Updates:

The National body of the Episcopal Church has voted to divest from fossil fuels.  Click here to read the press release regarding the this from the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.