New coalition to work toward securing public accommodations rights for transgender persons - and you can help!


In 2011, the Massachusetts Transgender Equal Rights Coalition (MATERC) successfully advocated for a bill that provided legal protections to transgender and gender non-conforming people in the areas of credit/lending, housing, employment, and public education.  Despite this victory, we still need to ensure that all people, regardless of their gender identity or expression, can live without fear of discrimination.  

In Massachusetts, there are no explicit legal protections protecting transgender people in places of public accommodations, or the areas that we visit when we are not at work, home, or school. These places include medical facilities, public transportation, restaurants, and more.  With marriage equality now the law of the land, it is time to turn our attention to other critical issues facing the LGBTQ community. Four New England states already have this inclusive legislation.  

Freedom Massachusetts, a new bi-partisan initiative comprising elected officials, faith organizations, businesses, and community groups, is working hard to ensure that transgender people are provided with explicit legal protections in all public spaces. Learn more here. Visit the Freedom Massachusetts website to plug in to the campaign. Your participation will encourage our elected officials to support this commonsense legislation. You will also receive valuable updates on the campaign and learn of great opportunities to make your voice heard!

To speak with someone about the campaign, please contact Aaron Wolfson at

Endorsed by the MA Conference, UCC ONA Ministry Team.

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