18-month Soul of Leadership Program Offered


For those who seek to lead in a more grounded, heart-centered way, the Shalem Institute is presenting an 18-month program:  The Soul of Leadership.

This program recognizes that leaders today face particularly difficult challenges. The commitment to inspire others while also increasing productivity and balancing the needs of the organization can leave leaders feeling depleted. Long hours and countless demands often result in a deep need for renewal.

This program helps leaders integrate spiritual heart practices with leadership realities in order to more truly embody their vocational path. Through individual and communal activities, participants engage in a variety of contemplative practices, while learning strategies to address some of their most pressing leadership challenges.

DATES: November 2017 –April 2019
RESIDENCIES: Nov 6-9, 2017; April 2-5, 2018; Oct 8-11, 2018; April 1-4, 2019
COST: $8,000 corporate; $5,000 non-profit or individual
LEADERS: Rev. Susie Allen, Dr. Margaret Benefiel, and Pat Franklin. MD, co-leaders

“Ministry leaders often find themselves exhausted and disillusioned by the challenges of leadership. How can ministers and church leaders practice spiritual self-care for sustainable and transformative ministry?”—from Spiritual Practices fore Effective Leadership, by Debora Jackson

For more information: https://shalem.org/programs/longterm/soul-of-leadership/  (click on the tab 'In Boston')


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