UCC joins Christian leaders in letter to Congress outlining human-rights violations in the Middle East



On October 5, 2012, national leaders of the United Church of Christ joined other Christian leaders representing U.S. churches and religious organizations in a two-page letter to Congress, asking that Israel be held accountable for potential human-rights violations through its use of U.S. military aid. The ecumenical leaders write that both sides share responsibility for their actions, but U.S. military assistance to Israel threatens long-lasting peace in the region.

The UCC has sought to constrain the militarization of the Middle East after the passage of a 2005 General Synod resolution, said Dr. Peter Makari, area executive to the Middle East and Europe for Global Ministries.

“The UCC has been consistent in its condemnation of violence, regardless of its source,” Makari said. The UCC joins its ecumenical partners “in expressing the concern that U.S. assistance to Israel has been and remains unconditional, is in violation of U.S. law on foreign assistance, and contributes toward the continuation of a military occupation of Palestinian lands, which is antithetical to efforts to promote peace between the Palestinians and Israelis,” Makari said.

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Shalom, Peter Wells

Associate Conference Minister, Justice & Witness Ministries



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