Did winter take a toll on your church?


Repair and improve your building and grounds with a Cornerstone Fund loan.
The United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund was created to help churches expand and to address a full range of building maintenance needs—from straightforward repairs to large-scale additions or renovations.

Choose the loan that suits your church's needs.
The Cornerstone Fund offers four different loan programs. All loans are secured by the borrowing organization's real estate. No personal guarantees or other collateral required. 

Determine the amount that fits your church's budget.
Cornerstone Fund loans are available from $10,000 to over one million dollars. A quick phone conversation will help determine your borrowing capacity.

Click here for current rates.

For more information on church loans and loan application packages, call 888-822-3863 or go to cornerstonefund.org/borrow.  

Questions? Email info@cornerstonefund.org




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