UCC's 'Podcast for a Just World' connects faith, justice and community building


Another tool for UCC clergy, community activists, and people who want to find a way to promote justice and deepen their faith debuted last week, in the form of a new podcast from the UCC's Congregational and Community Engagement ministry.

'Podcast for a Just World', a weekly 20 to 30 minute podcast released on Tuesdays, will be bringing the weekly lectionary into a conversation about issues in the world today.  Pastors writing sermons will now be able to listen in to an enlightening discussion with a UCC connected artist, activist, minister and/or faith leader, tied to the church calendar or events happening in the world.

The goal of the podcast – to equip clergy and people of faith to read the story of God in the streets of where we live in the world today, to make deep connections between faith, justice and  community building.

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