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Armistice Day: Ringing Bells for World Peace


First Congregational Church in Rockland's historic bell Last Sunday, November 11, was the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day - a day marking the end of fighting in WWI.  At 11 AM, when the fighting stopped, church bells rang all over the world in celebration and hope for an end to all wars. In commemoration of this special anniversary, the ...

Help Keep Boston Youth Warm this Winter


City Mission, along with Citizens Bank, believes that all children in Boston deserve to be warm and safe this winter.  Coat Boston has spent nine years ensuring that children, from toddlers to teens, have the warm winter coats they need. City Mission partners with Boston Public Schools serving low-income families to ensure that all young Bostonians...

Gateways to God: Training in Missional Spiritual Direction


Dear Friends,   Beginning in February 2019, Rolling Ridge will offer Gateways to God: Training in Missional Spiritual Direction.  Over the course of two years, participants gather with others who sense a call to listen deeply for and respond faithfully to the ways the Spirit is moving in their own lives, in their faith communities and in their ...

1,000 sermons: Clergy Invoke Kids' Case from the Pulpit


The Rev. Jim Antal (right) has given about 200 sermons on climate change. He's pictured with Bartholomew, the ecumenical patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Antal/Twitter When the Rev. Peter Sawtell gets to the part of his sermon on what older generations owe to the youth, the audience exhales. "There's usually an audible 'ooooof' out of ...

UCC Churches, Conference in Phoenix Offer Hospitality to Migrant Families Released by ICE


by Connie Larkman UCC News A United Church of Christ congregation in Phoenix that provides a safe space for migrants seeking asylum in the United States has been extremely busy since Monday, offering an extravagant welcome to more than 100 people. Busloads of immigrant families who have been released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ...

Preaching Needed on Youth Climate Trial


Photo: Our Children's Trust/Robin Loznak (United Church of Christ) Friends, The United Church of Christ is asking that you add your prophetic voice to a sermon campaign that the UCC Council for Climate Justice has spearheaded, with over 20 organizations of different faiths participating. On October 29th, what has been called “the trial of the ...

$250 Matching Grants for CWS Kits Available from UCC Disaster Ministries


From Church World Service Don’t miss this budget and mission stretcher! There are still 60 UCC Disaster Ministries matching grants available to UCC churches and other UCC groups that raise at least $250 in cash and/or in kind to assemble Church World Service Kits and Cleanup Buckets. Members of the denomination can assist hurricane and other ...

People of Faith Asked to Sign Letter Countering Threats Against Colombia Peacemakers


On Sat., July 14, JUSTAPAZ, an organization of the Mennonite Church of Colombia, was included in a list of social leaders, human rights defenders, organizations and journalists threatened with death by an illegal armed group. JUSTAPAZ has more than 26 years’ experience accompanying Christian churches, community organizations and victims of the ...

Supplying Help at the Border


Has your church been looking for a way to help in the crisis at the US / Mexico border? Here are two collections of supplies that your church can contribute to now. Our fellow UCC churches are doing the work at the border directly with both the children and adults who are coming across the border, being detained, and being released.  This is a ...

Clergy: Sign on to Keep Families Together


The Immigration and Refugee Task Team urges clergy of all faiths to sign on to this petition in support of immigrant families and an end to separating parents from their children. Read the document and sign here.  Questions? Contact Rev. Noel Andersen, Church World Service National Grassroots Coordinator, at

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