Together, As One Planning Team Updates

On June 16 - 17, 2017, at a joint Annual Meeting, delegates from the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island conferences voted decisively to move ahead toward forming a new, joint Conference. 

(The resolution that was approved, and the case for it from the Boards of Directors, can be found here.)

A Together, As One planning team, comprised of members from each of the three Boards of Directors and staff, began meeting in July to work on the unified Conference proposal.

Blog Posts Looking at the Vision, Mission & Purpose Statement:

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Vision, Mission & Purpose Statement

Their first action was to develop a Vision, Mission & Purpose statement for the new unified Conference. You can download the statement here, along with a conversation guide to help you discuss this document in your church.

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The team has established an email address – – which anyone is welcome to use to reach the group with comments or questions. Public comments are also welcome at the bottom of this page.

Team members, including subcommittee assignments:

CT Conference:
  • Kent Siladi, Conference Minister, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Bridget Fidler, Board Chair, Staffing
  • Marilyn Kendrix, Board Vice-Chair, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Jocelyn Gardner-Spencer, Board Representative, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Jeff Gallagher, Board Representative, Finance
MA Conference:
  • Jim Antal, Conference Minister & President, Governance
  • Corey Sanderson, Board Chair, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Lynne Dolan,  Board Vice Chair, Staffing
  • Philomena Hare, Board Representative, Finance
  • Michael McSherry, Board Representative, Governance
  • Linda Mesler, Vice Moderator, Governance
  • Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister
RI Conference:
  • Barbara Libby, Interim Conference Minister, Staffing
  • Frances Munro, Board Chair, Governance
  • Cleo Graham, Board Vice Chair, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications
  • Dale Azevedo, Board Representative, Finance
  • Linda Sable, Committee on Ministry, Staffing
Adjunct: Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communications for the three Conferences, Vision-Mission-Purpose/Communications

For background information, visit the Together, As One page developed prior to the vote.

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