Racial Justice Training

Massachusetts Conference facilitators are prepared to offer your congregation a Racial Training Introduction, a Level 1 "Realms of Racism" Training, and now a Level 2 Training in two tracks: A: Deep Dive of Institutional and Cultural Racism, or B: Deep Dive of Personal and Interpersonal Racism. 

The Massachusetts Conference has offered racial justice trainings for the last two years to our congregations at no cost. However, as of January 2018 a two-hour Introduction to Racial Justice Training will cost $50 and the complete eight-hour training will cost $300.  TJ Harper, MACUCC Associate for Racial Justice, can answer any questions: harpert@macucc.org  Thank you for understanding.

Learn more and download a Level 1 training flyer here

Submit a request for an 8-hour racial justice training (or 2-hour introduction) here.


Please note: If you wish to include a meal or other hospitalityon the day of the training, this must be completed prior to the scheduled start of training.

Questions about these programs? Contact TJ Harper.

This program is a result of collaborative efforts between the Massachusetts and Connecticut conferences. Learn more.