Racial Justice Training

Massachusetts Conference facilitators are prepared to offer your congregation a Racial Training Introduction, a Level 1 "Realms of Racism" Training, and now a Level 2 Training in two tracks: A: Deep Dive of Institutional and Cultural Racism, or B: Deep Dive of Personal and Interpersonal Racism. 

A two-hour Introduction to Racial Justice Training will cost $50 and the complete eight-hour training will cost $300.  

Learn more and download a Level 1 training flyer here

Submit a request for an 8-hour racial justice training (or 2-hour introduction) here.

Please note: If you wish to include a meal or other hospitality on the day of the training, this must be completed prior to the scheduled start of training.

Questions about these programs? Contact methotk@macucc.org

This program is a result of collaborative efforts between the Massachusetts and Connecticut conferences.