Regions & Associations

The Massachusetts Conference consists of 10 Associations, which are composed of all local churches, clergy and other authorized ministers within a geographical area.

Associations admit new congregations to the United Church of Christ and they confer and remove the authorization for ministry (standing) for clergy and others. Associations have periodic meetings and elect officers and committees to carry on their work.  Collectively the Associations handle fitness for ministry questions by passing adjudication of cases to the Unified Fitness Review Committee.

In Massachusetts, those Associations are organized by region. Regions consist of anywhere from 1 to 4 Associations. At least one Associate Conference Minister works with each region.

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Central Association

Metropolitan Boston
Metropolitan Boston Association

Northeast Association (formerly Andover and Essex)

Barnstable Association
Old Colony Association
Pilgrim Association

Berkshire Association
Franklin Association
Hampden Association
Hampshire Association