Rethinking Sunday School x

Do you wonder if your church's families are getting the most out of the Christian education programming that you offer? Do you have difficulty finding enough Sunday School teachers? Are you concerned that sporadic attendance may be thwarting your efforts to form the children in your care in the faith? 

You are not alone!

Most Protestant churches are struggling with their education programs because our secular culture cannot support them in the ways it did in the first part of the 20th Century. We are in time of transition for Christian education and faith formation, which means we must make the way by walking it. 

The resources on this page will help you to navigate this time of transition for Christian education and faith formation. They will help you examine your congregation’s goals for Christian education and faith formation, and brainstorm ways to meet them while adapting to the current cultural, digital, and commitment/priority shifts that your church families are experiencing.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a phone conversation or consult.

Debbie Gline Allen, Consultant for Christian Education & Youth Ministry


21st Century Faith Formation
A Super Saturday workshop focused on the importance of fostering relationships and intergenerational ministries for faith formation



Faith Formation in Vital Congregations by Marian R. Plant
Formational Children's Ministry: Shaping Children Using Story, Ritual, and Relationship
by Ivy Beckwith
From Generation To Generation: The Adaptive Challenge of Mainline Protestant Education in Forming Faith by Charles R. Foster



Building Faith
Equipping and inspiring churches and individuals for the ministry of Christian education and faith formation

A place where innovative ideas can be shared for Christian education

I am *totally* that mom  (linked specifically to "kids in church")
I am *that* mom, raising kids up in faith

A ministry for transition into intergenerational and family-focused ministries

Practicing Families
Supporting families in their efforts to follow the way of Jesus: real faith, real life, real grace

Worshipping With Children
Including children in the congregation's worship



Center for the Ministry of Teaching
A leader in digital faith formation based at Virginia Theological Seminary

Faith Inkubators
Equipping church leaders to effectively train their congregations in holistic, biblical, theologically sound faith formation systems with a focus on home-based faith education

GenOn Ministries
Equipping Christian communities for discipleship through intergenerational relationships

Grow Christians
Resources for families to practice their faith at home

Messy Church
Fresh ideas for building a Christ-centered community

Practical Resources for Churches
The MACUCC has partnered with Practical Resources for Churches, a New York based organization that provides resources for mainline churches. MACUCC churches, and their members, have access to PRC’s entire library of books, articles, videos, CDs, and webinars as well as their staff of consultants. These consultants have expertise in various areas of church work and they will work with any church member in whatever way is most convenient.

Sticky Faith
A ministry framework and parenting philosophy to help develop long-term faith

A Planning Process for Rethinking Sunday School