Spiritual Directors/Retreat Leaders

Inclusion in this online directory does not imply endorsement by the SNEUCC nor by any other group, as no process currently exists to endorse or license spiritual directors, retreat leaders or related centers or institutes of spiritual learning or guidance.  Information in this directory is subject to change without notice and must be approved by the SNEUCC before it is posted.  The SNEUCC cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information posted as email, website addresses and phone numbers can change without notice.

This list is restricted to Spiritual Directors and/or Retreat Leaders that reside in New England. Submissions from individuals out of the New England area will not be posted.  If you have any questions about the information posted below please contact the person/center directly.  If you have questions about posting information on this webpage please contact Cindy Bolton, Lay Development, SNEUCC. FYI: The Power of Retreats


Please click here for the most up to date list which includes names not listed below.  (7/23/2020)