Statements by the United Church of Christ

A History of National UCC Statements about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The UCC as a denomination has been educating itself and taking positions on the conflict dating back all the way to 1967. You can find 21 resolutions from General Synod as of 2017. Click on this link to find all the past resolutions that General Synod has passed speaking to the national body of the UCC.

There are also many resources about the UCC commitment to interfaith relationships, including a resolution on UCC-Jewish relations and UCC-Muslim relations. You can find more about them here:

UCC-Jewish relations

UCC-Muslim relations

Ecumenical-Interfaith relations

The United Church of Christ as a denomination (national setting) has brought together members from across our conferences to work together under the title Palestine Israel Network. You can learn more about them and their work here.   Follow them on Facebook here.

A History of Massachusetts Conference UCC Statements about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 

From 2010 through 2016 the Israel Palestine Task Team acted as a communication, education, and advocacy group in the Massachusetts Conference. Their stated purpose was “to engage members of churches in the Massachusetts Conference in seeking a just peace in Israel Palestine.”

The team worked toward this goal through workshops and presentations, through an online presence on the MACUCC website offering resources and blogs, by evaluating a resolution that challenged previous Synods’ decisions, by acting as an educational resource to Synod delegates, by working with Global Ministries, and by helping found the national UCC Palestine Israel Network.

In 2017 the Task Team chose to be dissolved. We are grateful for the many ways this team served the Conference and offered opportunities for engagement and learning.

In 2015, the MACUCC Annual Meeting passed “A Call for the United Church of Christ to Take Actions Towards a Just Peace in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” together with the Central Atlantic Conference, Central Pacific Conference and the New York Conference, which was put forth by the MACUCC Israel Palestine Task Team. Read the resolution here.

That same Annual Meeting also passed “Resolution of Witness Condemning Violence Committed in the Name of Religion” put forward by the MACUCC Ecumenism & Interfaith Relations Task Team. Read this resolution here.